Reporting Details

N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner provides you with the ability to create two different report profiles (Executive and Technical), customizing the level of information you need. These reports can be generated in RTF and PDF formats, according to your specification.

Reports can also be easily customized to include logos, copyright information, company’s name, etc.

Technical Report

This is the most detailed report available in N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner. It provides not only a summary of scanned resources and vulnerabilities found, but also website tree view, objects found and detailed information about vulnerabilities.

Sections included:

  • Scan Summary
  • Web Application Information
  • Published Directories
  • Website Tree
  • Cookies Report
  • E-mails Report
  • Information Leakage Report
  • Hidden Files Report
  • Broken Pages Report
  • Web Forms Report
  • Graphical Details
  • Detailed vulnerabilities

If necessary, N-Stalker Reports may include technical evidences about each attack (HTTP Request and Response).

Executive Report

This is an executive view of a N-Stalker Scan Session. It provides a summary of scanned resources and vulnerabilities information. It is recommended to managers, IT executives, auditors or to those requiring to get a glance of Web Application current security status.

Sections included:

  • Scan Summary
  • Graphical Details