Add-on Tools

N-Stalker provides a full set of security tools that will allow you to assess your application’s security and performance. These tools are included in all N-Stalker Editions (Enterprise, Infrastructure and Free).

N-Stalker Web Proxy

N-Stalker Web Proxy tool allow you to inspect all HTTP communication between your browser and a web server, even on SSL communications. A variety of features are included to assist your inspection, including:

  • Ability to intercept HTTP request and response
  • Ability to modify HTTP request and response
  • Ability to record all transactions to a file
  • Cookie extraction tool (ability to retrieve a valid token from a session).

N-Stalker HTTP Brute Force

N-Stalker HTTP Brute Force is a tool that allows you to audit the strength of your application’s passwords. Use your own lists to provide custom credentials (user/password) and let N-Stalker do the rest. A custom interface allows you to configure the number of simultaneous attempts to avoid performance issues.

N-Stalker Web Server Discovery

N-Stalker Web Server Discovery tool allows you to automatically search for web servers and discover their technologies. This tool includes special features such as:

  • HTTP Fingerprinting
  • IP Range search
  • File list search
  • URL search

N-Stalker Encoder Tool

N-Stalker Encoder tool is an encoding tool that allows you to transform data using a different set of common web application standards, including compression, encryption and encoding methods. The most common set includes:

  • URL Encoding, Base64, UTF-8
  • Path normalization
  • Encryption (AES, Serpent, Twofish, 3DES, XOR, etc)
  • Hashing (SHA-1, SHA-256, MD5, etc)
  • Much more!

N-Stalker GHDB Tool

Wouldn’t it be good to search your own security patterns within a custom website? Wouldn’t it be even better if you are able to use “google-like” patterns? This is what N-Stalker “Google Hacking Database” tool does. Search for custom patterns within a scanned website and find security exposures before others do.

Note: You don’t need any google-related service to use this tool. “Google” is a trademark of Google Inc.

N-Stalker HTTP Load Tester

N-Stalker HTTP Load Tester is a Web stressing tool that allows you to measure your website performance and connection handling limits. You may configure a specific navigation path and customize the number of simultaneous clients to simulate how your application will behave in a very specific condition.

Use N-Stalker “HTTP Load Tester” to complement your analysis and assess your website resilience against availability attacks.