Frequent Licensing Questions

What is the best license to fit my needs ?

N-Stalker provides the most flexible licensing model available for Web Security Scanners in the market. You may choose to scan applications while in development stage (searching for custom errors only),  deployment stage (searching for common vulnerabilities in web servers and third-party packages) or both. These are Infrastructure and Enterprise Edition respectively. Once profile is decided, you will only have to choose the number of websites you want.

What is the difference between Perpetual and Annual Subscription license ?

Perpetual License, like the name says, it is meant for perpetual use, which means you may maintain the installation even after your upgrade service is expired. It is ideal for corporations that demand continuous assessment of their Web Applications. Annual Subscription is a flexible license that allows you to use N-Stalker for a period of one (1) year like a service. After subscription period is over, N-Stalker Scanner should be removed from the installed machine otherwise service must be extended.

What is the difference between Corporate and Consultant Unlimited IP licenses ?

Corporate Unlimited License allows you to scan Private IANA (rfc1918) IP blocks and those public IP blocks belonging to the company (whois information may be used). Consultant Unlimited license does not have any restriction, allowing you to scan the entire IP address space.

Can I run N-Stalker from multiple machines ?

Yes, however they must not run simultaneously. N-Stalker is shipped with a “remote control” mechanism that allows customers to attach and detach license remotely. This feature gives the ability to move license from one machine to another.

Do you provide discount for volume licenses ?

Yes, of course. Please, contact us  for volume discounts — we have very special discount values for volume licenses.

I’m a consultant and I would like to purchase a flexible license model. Do you have such ?

Yes, it is called Consultant Unlimited License. You just have to choose your profile (QA, Infrastructure, Enterprise Edition) and Consultant Unlimited License model. You will be able to scan the entire IP address space (no restrictions) and move your license from one installation to another easily.