Enterprise Edition X

N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner X Enterprise Edition provides the most complete and effective suite of Web Security assessment checks to enhance the overall security of your Web Applications against a wide range of vulnerabilities and sophisticated hacker attacks.

Integration to your SDLC

Founded upon the U.S. Patent Registered Technology of Component-oriented Web Application Security Scanning, N-Stalker Enterprise Edition allows for assessment of Web Applications under different perspectives of secure development life cycle phases, including:

  • Development Phase: Vulnerabilities introduced in the code
  • Deployment Phase: Vulnerabilities introduced in the infrastructure
  • Production Phase: Vulnerabilities introduced in maintenance

N-Stalker also allows you to create your own assessment policies and requirements, enabling an effective way to manage your application’s SDLC, including the ability to control information exposure, development flaws, infrastructure issues and real security vulnerabilities that can be explored by external agents.

What Security checks do I get?

This is the most complete edition, containing all security checks (from all other editions):

  • Code Injection
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • OWASP Top 10
  • Web Server vulnerabilities
  • 3rd-party packages vulnerabilities
  • Know more

“Ready to Go” Usability

It doesn’t matter if you are a security guru or just a security conscious professional, N-Stalker provides a wizard-driven configuration which is “ready to go” – a quick start to initiate your own security assessments.

Is Enterprise Edition the right choice for me?

Enterprise Edition is highly recommended to:

  • Security and audit professionals
  • IT professionals and service providers
  • Large and medium organizations
  • Security consulting and auditing companies