Licensing Options

N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner X can be licensed according to the number of websites to be scanned:

This license allows scanning up to three (3) nominated web sites for an unlimited number of times. The web sites can be registered gradually; however, they cannot be neither changed afterwards nor used to scan sites belonging to customers or third parties.
Corporate Unlimited License This license allows scanning unlimited websites inside customer’s organization (Private IP Blocks – RFC1918 and Customer’s own Internet IP Blocks) and cannot be used to scan sites of customers or third parties.
Consultant Unlimited License This license allows scanning unlimited websites (All IP address space with no restrictions). This is the most recommended model for Security Consultants, Web Development Agencies and ISPs. The Consultant’s version also allows users to personalize their reports by adding their own logo.

Note: With the exception of Unlimited Consultant License, all available licenses are entitled for internal use inside customer’s organization and cannot be used for consulting purposes or third-party web application scanning.

Perpetual License Maintenance Service Renewal

WSI Maintenance Service Renewal will be due after expiration of 1-Year gratuitous maintenance service. The renewal fee is calculated by the current price list for the quarter:

  • N-Stalker Enterprise Edition: 20%
  • N-Stalker Infrastructure Edition: 40%

Service subscription can only be renewed in multiples of 1 year. The starting date of Web Security Intelligent Service is always the date when the product was firstly purchased.

Web Security Intelligence Service will guarantee the following: Technical Upgrades, Updates for N-Stealth Web Attacks Signature Database(TM), future releases, add-on modules and complete Technical Support.