Partner Program

N-Stalker is pleased to share its innovative technology for assessing Web Security Applications, what brings to the market a complete solution, designed to cover all phases of the Life Cycle in the Development of Security Tools for the Web.

Authorized Reseller

This program fosters an important partnership policy between N-Stalker and certified resellers throughout the world, providing their customers with the technology of N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner by means of business transactions accomplished through the Internet.

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Professional Services

N-Stalker has developed a program to cater for the requirements of Web professionals and IT service providing companies as far as information security is concerned, making available to the market the technology brought by the N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner, with its concept toward different scanning profiles – Infrastructure & Deploy and Audit & Pen-test analysis – capable of providing its customers with the ability to check security related issues based on their Web application life cycles, ranging from OWASP Top 10 security recommendations to Bgtrag 0-day vulnerabilities being exploited by ill-intentioned users, within Web’s universe.

By using such program, both professionals and companies will be able to license the N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner for seasonal periods or based on under demand projects, without need to purchase a perpetual license.

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Strategic Partners

This program makes possible, to partner companies, the utilization of N-Stalker’s US Patent ¬†technology¬†– the so-called Component-Oriented Web Application Security Scanning, through technological integration.

The comprehensiveness of such program allows as well the integration of the suite N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner with other technological solutions in order to add aggregated value under an information security approach.

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