N-Stalker announces return to an independent operation

By N-Stalker Team on April 29, 2020

N-Stalker announced today the separation of its operations from OGASEC, effectively going back to being an independent company again. The split agreement  between the companies provides that each company will maintain its independent activities, however, remaining a strategic partnership to guarantee the continuity of services for their current customers.

With this new agreement, Thiago Zaninotti and José Carlos Zaninotti are once again the sole controllers of N-Stalker, also assuming the role of executive directors.

As it has been doing for over a decade, N-Stalker will continue to serve the global market with solutions for web application security and vulnerability management. “In this new phase, the strategy is to focus on extending the functionality of the technology in the face of new challenges for protecting applications and users’ personal data,” explained Thiago.

With this reformulation, the current CEO, Markswell Coelho, is also leaving OGASEC to assume an advisor role in the new board of directors of N-Stalker. According to Coelho, “in this new format, the development possibilities of companies will expand business, thus boosting their customers and the market as a whole”.

OGASEC was the result of the merger of the operations of Aker and N-Stalker as of December 2016, subsidized by the Brazilian VC fund manager Invest Tech. The consensus for dividing the operations resulted from a new strategy to improve the development of technologies independently, with a specific focus on their respective market segments.

The current operation of N-Stalker will seek to develop new partnerships and strategic alliances for the national and international market.

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