N-Stalker and Aker announce M&A

By N-Stalker Team on March 15, 2017

Aker Security Solutions S.A, a leading Latin american company of defense technologies, and N-Stalker, a world-known cybersecurity company focused on vulnerability management operating in 28 countries have just finished a merging process. Through this merger, the emerging company will hold one of the largest structures of products, professionals, technology, and services among the IT & cybersecurity companies within Latin America.

The new company will count with 136 collaborators and a network of 200 channel partners in Brazil plus 30 abroad. The operation includes cutting-edge R&D and software engineering laboratories, multilingual support structure, training academy and professional certification, and an international application and success case library.

In 2016, Aker showed a 16% growth, while N-Stalker grew 20%. The new company plans to grow 30% in 2017, with more than 10,000 security devices deployed in the region and protecting approximately 100,000 users in Latin America, Europe, Asia and North America. Ten percent of total revenues are expected to come from developed markets.

In addition to a strong presence in Latin America, the company is now referenced by global clients, such as banks, insurance companies, and governments. Its users include US governmental agencies, the British Navy, and the British and Spanish Air Forces.

N-Stalker’s vulnerabilities assessment and management solution is often on global lists of innovative products, such as “500 Cybersecurity Ventures” and “Fyodor Global Top 10 Tools”.  Now, this technology is combined with Aker’s defense solutions, such as Firewalls, Web Application Firewall and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). This will allow for a portfolio that will be able to meet the needs of a range of companies, from small-sized enterprises to large corporations.

Post transaction structure

Aker’s current CEO, Rodrigo Fragola, will keep his CEO position and N-Stalker’s CTO, Thiago Zaninotti, will remain in the position to lead the technological development of Aker & N-Stalker products.

The strategic approximation was mediated by the investment firm Invest Tech, a leading team of market analysts specialized in Latin American IT companies whose investment portfolio in Brazil exceeds USD 100 million, distributed in major tech companies in the region.

The arguments for the merger include technological and structural synergy and the need for catalyzing differentials to deal with a market dominated by large global companies, which were, so far, the only ones with structure credentials, proven experience, and financial backing to operate with strategic safety.

“The merger of Aker with N-Stalker will strongly impact the Latin American security market, as we will be the only local, independent company with its own technology in the entire security cycle and having already tested solutions and methodologies in international level,” says Rodrigo Fragola.

According to Thiago Zaninotti, “the crossing of portfolios, structures and market practices creates a company with a rich history and diversified expertise. In terms of structure and intelligence, we will be on a par with the major global players in operation in Latin America,” he adds.

About Aker

Founded in 1997, Aker Security Solutions is a leading Brazilian development company in digital security and cybernetic defense products. Its solutions, especially developed for the domestic market scenario, offer the assessment and diagnosis of vulnerabilities, automated threat surveillance, contingency and response to incidents, and advanced tools of network security operation and management.

Aker’s technology is recognized by large global consulting companies and thousands of users in corporations of all sizes, and it was certfieed by the Brazilian government and national Defense institutions.

In 2015, Aker was on the list of Anuário Informática Hoje as one of the 200 top IT companies of Brazil and one of the top 10 most growing companies in the segment.

About N-Stalker 

N-Stalker was founded in 2000 by a group of security experts with the purpose of developing advanced projects against digital threats, and since then, it has been strongly operating in the provision of innovative solutions for companies of all sizes and government agencies in 28 countries.

Its R&D laboratory is globally recognized as a reference in cyber attack detection and control technologies and response to security events.

Its pioneering solution – N-Stealth Security Scanner Suite – offers a complete range of access security tools for web servers, including capabilities to identify vulnerabilities online and mitigate risks in critical mission infrastructures. Over 39,000 vulnerabilities and malicious codes have already been integrated on N-Stalker’s platform database.

N-Stalker has a renowned application scanning technology, included in well-known reports such as Gartner’s IAST Magic Quadrant.

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